Coffee Machines

When you decide to buy a coffee machine, you have to think about the kind of coffee you like so that you get the right one for your needs. There are many different types of coffee machines on the market and each one of them does something different. The ordinary coffee machines are called simply coffee makers. These machines have a place where you put the filter in first, and fill the filter with the coffee grounds of your choice. There is a carafe that you fill with water depending on how much grounds you put in the filter. Then you turn on the machine and wait for the coffee to brew. Some of these percolators take packaged filters somewhat like a tea bag.

The cheapest kinds of coffee machines are called cafetieres. These are glass containers that have a wire filter attached to a plunger. These coffee pots allow you to make a small or large amount of coffee and you can leave them on the table.

While many people use the term coffee maker and coffee percolator interchangeably, a percolator operates in a different manner. You still put the coffee grounds into a filter basket, but as the water boils in the carafe, the steam goes through the filter. You can actually see the coffee brewing in these machines and can see how the color is changing from light to dark. When you buy one of these machines, you can experiment with it to know exactly how much coffee to place in the filter to get it the color you want.

Then there are the espresso and cappuccino makers. You can get pressure or pump varieties in these coffee machines. In a pressure machine, the water boils and the pressure gradually builds up until it goes through the coffee grounds. The steam from the boiling water helps to make the froth. In pump machines there is a separate tank and boiler. Once the water boils, then it goes through the coffee holder to make the brew.

Different machines require different types of coffee grinds. The following list will help you decide either which type of machine to buy or which type of coffee grinds to use:

When filling the coffee machines with water, always use cold water. This is because the machines boil the water. When you clean the machine, always use fresh water without using any dishwashing detergent. You should also descale the machine once or twice a year.

Many new machines have come on to the market recently, including a bean to cup variety, where you fill it with water and put beans in the compartment, then just press a button for your coffee, the machine then grinds enough beans for one cup of coffee and brews it all in a few moments. You can also steam your milk.

Cartridge machines, is where you select which coffee you want and then put in a cartridge, the machine then makes the drink with the hot water from the reservoir in the machine.

There are many manufacturers of the new style machine and most have a stylish design to leave on your kitchen counter.